Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gosforth Cross

I am currently working on an RSA Fellowship project about the Gosforth Cross with Richard Cobden Primary, Camden and Gosforth CE Primary, Cumbria. The project has been substantially enhanced by the work of Professor Dominic Powlesland of the Landscape Research Centre who has made a 3D scan produced in collaboration with the Leverhulme Trust 'Impact of Diasporas' research programme at the University of Leicester.

Here is the medium resolution version...

And the medium resolution with colour,,,

Gosforth2 Mw Tex by Professor Dominic Powlesland on Sketchfab

Dominic explaining the value of scanning objects like the Gosforth Cross.

How the scanning process works.

Timelapse (x20) footage of the photography...

Photographing the top of the Cross

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